Fire Protective Vents & Filters in San Diego, CA

(Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Fibers) The carbon fiber felt does not burn, melt, self-extinguishes, and chars without shrinking. Material can withstand temperatures of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.


60 – 90 minutes with 2-3 people (1500 square foot house). Fire blankets are manually installed like a fumigation tent.

Due to the extreme conditions and unpredictability associated with all wildfires it is impossible to make guarantees. The carbon fiber felt is inherently flame resistant, making it an effective heat blocker and fire barrier. The fire blankets combined with Phos-Chek fire retardant gives homeowners a fighting chance to save their homes and livelihoods.

The fire blanket system can be stored inside a garage or shed to avoid sunlight exposure and weather elements.

Yes, the fire blankets are reusable. Depending on the severity or exposure to direct flames some sections could become unusable and need to be replaced.

Currently, we are working with insurance companies to provide homeowners with a rebate for the fire blankets and Phos-Chek application. We recommend homeowners first check with their individual insurance company for fire prevention discounts.

NO. Clips and sandbags secure the fire blankets on rooftop and ground level leaving no damage to your home.

NO, the fire retardant is completely safe to apply on vegetation. Phos-Chek is people, pet and environmentally friendly.


Gels/Foams work well but can be hard to apply during high winds and need to be reapplied after just a few hours. The whole house fire blanket system can be installed one time and left up for days or weeks.

Yes, training is provided with all purchases. UrbnTek, customizes the fire blanket for your home and guides you through the process of installation. How-to videos and references are also available on the UrbnTek website and YouTube.