Common Questions

Fire Retardant

Yes! The fire retardant is nonhazardous and poses no risk to humans, vegetation, or animals/pets.

NO! We only apply the fire retardant on vegetation, trees, brush, and other potential fuel sources around your property.

PHOS-CHEK will last 6-8 months. The fire retardant will hold up until 2-3 inches of rain occurs. Then it will need to be reapplied yearly for optimal use.

NO! PHOS-CHEK is actually a fertilizer and safe to use around vegetation.

In a typical scenario, the fire retardant is applied to the perimeter of the property, then onto the surrounding areas. 

The fire retardant is the same product you’ve seen dropping from planes during virtually every US wildfire, but without the red dye. PHOS-CHEK for home use is colorless, and odorless. The red dye is for the fire fighting teams to see and locate which areas have fire retardants applied. 

We recommend drip hoses or drip lines to water the roots without washing off the retardants. Sprinklers will wash off the fire retardant.

Structure Wrap

60–90 minutes with 2–3 people (1,500 square foot house). Fire blankets are manually installed like a fumigation tent.

Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Fibers. The carbon fiber felt does not burn, melt, self-extinguishes, and chars without shrinking. Material can withstand temperatures of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to the extreme conditions and unpredictability associated with all wildfires, it is impossible to make guarantees. The carbon fiber felt is inherently flame-resistant, making it an effective heat blocker and fire barrier. 

We are working with insurance companies to provide homeowners with a rebate for the fire blankets and PHOS-CHEK application. We recommend homeowners first check with their individual insurance company for fire prevention discounts.

NO. Clips and sandbags secure the fire blankets on the rooftop and ground-level, leaving no damage to your home.

Yes, the fire blankets are reusable. Depending on the severity of exposure to direct flames, some sections could become unusable and need to be replaced.

System is leased to customer during a wildfire, and removed after danger has passed. Installed like a fumigation tent to fit any size or shape. (UrbnTek installs and removes)