San Bernardino County

What is Phos-Chek Fire Retardant?

If you’re wondering how to protect your home from wildfires, Phos-Chek fire retardant is a great non-invasive way to be one step ahead of a disaster. Phos-Chek is a long-term fire retardant that is both environmentally friendly and causes no harm to people or pets. Phos-Chek can be sprayed ahead of the fire season or during an oncoming wildfire threat.

In San Bernardino County, we offer fire retardant applications on vegetation, trees, brush and other potential fuel sources found around your property. One application can protect your property for 6-8 months. Contact us today for a FREE property assessment!

Emergency Service

  • Onsite support during a wildfire.
  • Technician sprays Phos-Chek fire retardant on vegetation.
  • Installers deploy the fire blankets over home/structure.
  • Fire blanket system is leased to customers during a wildfire and removed after danger has passed.

Protecting families, customers livelihoods, and homes from wildfires. UrbnTek is a San Bernardino County Phos-Chek home wildfire defense company. Family owned and operated by founders Charles Castelo Sr. and Charles Castelo Jr, UrbnTek is a dedicated team of professionals with an ongoing commitment to quality products and customer service. Our services include structure wrapping, Phos-Chek fire retardant applications, property risk assessments, and emergency support during wildfires.